Prickly Ash Root Tea

[ For Happy Qi ]

12 Fl oz (355 ml)

with Ginger root, Rose Hips, lemongrass, and monk fruit

“[YOOT Prickly Ash] is great if you are looking to boost your energy during workouts by getting more blood flow to your muscles. I slam a couple before my workouts. Think of it as a natural red bull w/o all the bad ingredients!”
— Amaizon

This unique herbal and root tea blend contains the therapeutic substances of Prickly Ash to help stimulate the body and revive 'Chi'. It has been used in Native American culture for hundreds of years to help support blood flow, relieve pain, and 'tonify' [increase energy in] the body.

YOOT Prickly Ash Root & Herbal Tea is brewed with purified water, prickly ash extract, organic rose hips powder, organic pineapple juice concentrate, organic ginger extract, monk fruit extract, and lemongrass extract to create a refreshing and light tea beverage.


No added sugar

Zero calories


Non-GMO Verified

benefits of prickly ash root tea

StimulateS blood flow

Prickly ash is a shrub found on the plains of North America. It's bark and berries are used in herbalism for medicinal tonics and teas to treat poor blood circulation and stimulate the body's 'chi' (energy). Because it supports blood flow in the body, prickly ash root tea is also used to promote healthy joints, particularly after injuries and surgeries, when blood flow needs to be increased and inflammation decreased. According to historical records, the Algonquin Native Americans would steep this root for hours over a fire to extract as much of it's healing properties as possible to treat arthritis and muscle pain.

increaseS Digestive Health

Similar to digestifs, Prickly ash is a bitter herb, making the tea useful to stimulate digestion functions. It helps promote digestive enzymes and stomach acids, which is extremely beneficial when suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, bloating, stomach pain, and indigestion. 


Each YOOT Herbal Root Tea is nearly neutral in pH, making it perfect to drink when sick and even while nursing hangovers (!). The lemongrass used in our Prickly Ash root tea has been known to help relieve headaches, boost antioxidant protection, as well as help remove toxins from the body. Coupled with ginger root - a powerful healing agent in traditional/alternative medicine - this herbal root tea can drastically reduce nausea and help fight the flu and common cold, to name a few.

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Nature provides healing in abundant ways.

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