Nansee winning Burt's Bees Natural Launch Pad award for her YOOT Chai Dandelion Tea.

Nansee winning Burt's Bees Natural Launch Pad award for her YOOT Chai Dandelion Tea.

YOOT in 2019

I am honored to be able to invite you on the next phase of YOOT!

The past two years have been an incredible learning experience for me, shedding light on why people - like yourself - are interested in YOOT, and providing the necessary information and education on how integrating nature into your daily diet can positively affect health. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity, and continue to be inspired by your stories.

YOOT has grown to mean so much more than my own personal experience with daily herbals.

Now I see that there is a need to have more options for busy individuals and families everywhere that want to stay healthy, naturally, with food-grade herbals.

As such, I am making necessary changes for YOOT to thrive and will not be selling my teas until the new year. Some changes you will see to our herbal root tea in 2019:

New sustainable - glass - packaging (!)

Although our previous bottle was 100% recyclable and medically sealed, YOOT will be in a glass bottle next year. This decision was made to support your needs to live a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as improve our packing process. Luckily, we live in the hub of the innovative food industry and I was able to find a small batch producer locally here in the Bay Area that believes in our process, too! Needless to say, I am super excited to be improving our beverage while supporting our community.

Focus on Chai Dandelion Tea

This is the last week you will be able to find YOOT Prickly Ash Tea or Licorice Root Tea. While I personally love the taste and benefits of these two teas, I must streamline and focus on our fan-favorite YOOT Dandelion Tea. I hope this doesn’t cause too many tears for our die hard fans! Rest assured I will re-introduce them when the time comes, and perhaps even a new clean-brew flavor, too [Turmeric anyone?]. :)

Improved labeling

This is not your normal chai or root tea.

Did you know YOOT is only sweetened with monk fruit, which is safe for diabetics and those following the keto diet? Or that dandelion and chicory roots are full of prebiotics, which are essential to helping probiotics do their job? These are the pillars of YOOT Chai Dandelion Tea and I want to make sure people understand why it’s different and how it can benefit your daily ritual.

We want to continue to provide a naturally caffeine-free, sugar-free, additive-free, preservative-free beverage that is truly clean brewed with real ingredients that you can taste and feel.

I hope you will join me on my quest, and continue to follow YOOT by subscribing to our newsletter and following @yoottea on social channels. Here’s to always "rooting" for us little producers trying to make a positive impact in our world!


Nansee Kim-Parker

Founder, YOOT Herbal Root Tea