Yoot HERBAL ROOT tea is carefully crafted from ancient, traditional recipes.

Used for generations in family kitchens, our teas contain a unique blend of herbs & roots to help promote & allow deep healing, vitality, & joyful surrender to nature’s wisdom.

Our Roots

Nansee at Expo West 2018 with  BevNet's Taste Radio

Nansee at Expo West 2018 with BevNet's Taste Radio

Founder Nansee Kim-Parker taps into her heritage for every tea brew. Her parents prepared homemade herbal and root teas for her chronic gastrointestinal problems when she was a child. As an adult, Nansee consulted family recipes to support her husband’s health after he lost his spleen in a motorcycle accident. 

After the birth of their first child, Nansee crafted her own teas to stay alert without copious amounts of caffeine and sugar.  Being mindful of the ingredients that would pass onto her newborn, she formulated unique herbal teas using common food ingredients.

Over time she reformulated her mother’s tea recipes to cater to her own tastes and subsequently created fusion herbal and root teas made with organic ingredients sourced for their time-tested healing properties. 

After successfully launching a new motorcycle repair business with her husband (who is feeling much better thanks to her teas!), Nansee is passionately brewing natural, healing, and delicious tea full time. 

She did as many empowered women do when they have something extraordinary and truly beautiful to share with the world: she quit her job as an engineer and founded Denovo Beverage in 2012. 

Our View

We believe disease can occur from imbalances in any body system. Our food (and thus our herbal and root tea) is medicine for the mind, body and soul.

We offer a Chai Dandelion Tea inspired from the traditions of Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Medicine. YOOT is the first Ready To-Drink herbal root tea line that brews with superfood herbs. Our tea is clean brewed with food-grade herbs that promote health and balance within the body system. YOOT does not have to be refrigerated unless opened, making it easy to stay healthy on the go whenever and wherever you are!

Our Responsibility

1% of profits donated to San Francisco's Teen Froce

1% of profits donated to San Francisco's Teen Froce

Our holistic approach to wellness includes the health of our community and our planet. Therefore we like to give back and pay it forward.

We contribute one percent of our profits to TeenForce, a self-sustaining non-profit organization that helps foster teens (ages 14-20) gain work experience in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

As we grow, we intend to hire teens through TeenForce. We agree that when teens become healthy, caring, and responsible young adults who have important roles in the community, the roots of the community become stronger.  

As we expand we will also contribute to similar non-profit organizations that work with empowering youth across America.



A more sustainable & delicious chai dandelion tea.