Dandelion and chicory root tea clean-brewed with CHAI spices & VANILLA

Gone are the days of sugar-laden chai teas & hard-to-drink powdered root teas. At YOOT, we take the healing aspects of roots & spices to create a naturally delicious & detoxifying beverage that can be enjoyed everyday, by everybody.


dandelion tea based on the traditions of ayurveda & chinese medicine.

Chai spiced to promote warmth, balance & detoxification.

Prebiotic rich dandelion tea crafted with chicory root & spices in a delicious ready to drink beverage.

Prebiotic rich dandelion tea crafted with chicory root & spices in a delicious ready to drink beverage.

what’s underneath

What's underneath your head and heart? A lot of disease stems from the level of stress you hold! Herbals provide the power to oneself to fight stress and support your organs.

healthy dandelion tea

rooted in humble dandelion

Not just a weed anymore! This prebiotic plant helps keeps your gut flora nourished & happy, while a 2017 medical study suggests it’s polysaccharides can benefit your liver to naturally promote detoxification. When roasted, dandelion roots deliver a stunningly rich flavor & deep brown color.

chicory root in chai dandelion tea

joined by chicory root

Caffeine-free coffee at its finest. This 200-year old coffee alternative is known in functional medicine to help decrease inflammation & regulate blood sugar. Plus, the root’s nutty, earthy flavor balances our warm chai spices & embraces that feeling of cozying up by a fire [because who doesn’t love that?]

monk fruit makes chai dandelion tea barely sweet with zero calories

lightly sweetened with monk fruit

Call us crazy, but tea just tastes better when it’s perfectly sweetened. Cultivated by - you guessed it - monks in ancient China, we take this low-calorie, antioxidant-rich fruit to make YOOT Chai Dandelion Tea a diabetic and ketogenic delight. And it’s taste? It’s slightly tangy, giving a complex back note to the earthy chai spices.

touched with cinnamon

You can’t spell ‘chai’ without ‘cinnamon’. Prized for it’s medical benefits for thousands of years, modern science now confirms the same. High in compound ‘cinnamaldehyde’, it helps increase metabolism, protect from free-radical damage & may even assist in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Now, that’s what we call a true ‘super’ spice.

chai spices in dandelion tea

spiced with cloves & cardamom

These spices pack a lot of punch for their tiny size. Cloves are naturally anti-oxidant, anti-fungal & anti-viral while cardamom is being touted as ‘the new turmeric’. While some like to chew on these pods for fresh breathe, we prefer to enjoy them in our refreshing & aromatic Chai Dandelion Tea.

vanilla in chai dandelion tea

balanced by vanilla

We round out the flavor of YOOT Chai Dandelion Tea with sweet, almost smoky-like vanilla. High in antioxidants, vanilla can help treat acne, improve hair growth, speed healing & reduce inflammation to prevent diseases from taking root. Leave it to nature to create such a perfect flower in every possibly way.


Nansee at a Food Funded event 2018.

Nansee at a Food Funded event 2018.

Everyone - no matter your culture, age, or dietary restriction - can enjoy the healing affects of nature with YOOT.

Nansee Parker-Kim founded YOOT Tea with the intention to offer a preventative health approach to our 'grab & go' lifestyle, that is safe & delicious for our bodies and Earth. Drink straight out of the bottle chilled, replace afternoon coffee with a cup of warmed YOOT, or make our warming Chai-Dandi-Cocoa for your little ones on a chilly day [and take a sip for yourself].


Nature provides healing in abundant ways.

YOOT simply makes it delicious & easy to take root in our daily lives.

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